The Sea Lice Project

Beck Engineering and partners Marine Harvest, Lerøy Seafood Group and SalMar concluded in December 2011 that Phase 1 of The Sea Lice Project had satisfactory results to continue with Phase 2. The three industry partners together with Innovation Norway agreed on a so-called IFU-contract (Industrial Research- and Development-contract) that will last from December 2011 to March 2013. More information...

Initial tests with optical sea lice treatment.

The Beck Engineering Story

A History of Creating Smart Solutions

For more than a decade Esben Beck and his team have been challenged to come up with innovative and effective solutions through several demanding projects. Clients have acknowledged Beck Engineering as a reliable partner in advanced technologies.

Increased complexity in subsea & pipe structures globally require innovative engineering. Interventions are more complex and take place farther away than just few years ago. Beck Engineering continuously sharpens its efforts to find the best possible subsea & pipetech solutions for remote interventions.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge..."

Applying technical and scientific knowledge to solve a problem requires creativity. Beck Engineering emphasises a symbiotic co-existence between creativity and engineering. We believe approaching an engineering challenge is as much about breaking new ground as it is about utilising well documented experience.


Beck Engineering develops pipe-crawlers and pipe-scanners with ancillary winch and control systems for interventions in both hydrocarbon and water environments. The company’s staff offers particular expertise in pipe- and cavity interventions.

Products supplied include:

• Inspection crawlers
• Pipe-scanners
• Intelligent pigs
• Ancillary equipment


Beck Engineering provides complete design, engineering, manufacturing and implementation services within the ROV-tool segment. A particular field of expertise is seismic operations.

Products supplied include:

• ROV-tools
• Deployment baskets
• Ancillary equipment


Proven through previous projects and continuously improved through investments in people and technology, Beck Engineering delivers projects of a high standard of quality within the agreed budget and time-frame. We practice a workflow with emphasis on the creative influence between engineers and mechanics.


Key Projects

DNV Acoustic Pig Project

Beck Engineering AS has participated closely in the joint development project of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Gassco to develop a new acoustic inspection method, which allows the internal and external status of gas pipelines to be accurately characterised. This new technology allows measurements to be made without reducing the gas flow.

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SeaBed ROV-tool and Deepwater Basket

Beck Engineering AS has designed and built a complex ROV-tool and deepwater basket system for SeaBed Geophysical, a subsidiary of SeaBird Exploration. SeaBed enjoyed great commercial success with their system. The seismic sensor unit CASE Abyss was also nominated for best design 2008 by Norwegian Design Council.

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Breivoll Pipe Scanner

Beck Engineering has been the engineering partner of Breivoll Inspection Technologies AS in their development of the Breivoll Pipe Scanner 2 (PS2), a conduit vehicle for inside inspection of water pipes.

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DNV Pressure Test Tank

DNV needed to test the performance of transducers in high pressure environments. Beck Engineering has designed and built the high-spec test tank DNV uses for this R&D project.

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