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Engineering Approach

Beck Engineering focuses on engineering projects involving remote interventions. Our portfolio of projects includes subsea and deepwater equipment as well as inspection vehicles and inspection tools. Our motto is; Well planned, well excercised.
Beck Engineering also offers services for high spec research & development projects as well as the industrial automation markets. Beck Engineering has a highly flexible and dynamic approach to projects utilising our own versatile workshop. Projects are carried out with a mix of internal and external fabrication and resources. As a method of approach we emphasise a symbiotic co-existence between creativity and engineering. In all projects Beck Engineering focuses on a thorough planning and design process.


Our high-spec workshop is often referred to as a mechanical lab. The workshop is of course our main production facility for our own engineering projects. However, it is also organised to function as a test-site for clients' needs as well as our own R & D.  In several more complex projects our premises has been used as mechanical lab, test-site or the coordinating spot for many or all of our client's subcontractors. Of course all of the production carried out here requires attention to minute detail. Any part or component is subject to the highest standards of quality.


Helix Technologies AS was a subsidiary of Beck Engineering AS, later co-owned with venture investor NIK (Norsk Innovasjonskapital) and others. With the support of Innovation Norway and private investors Helix Technologies develops and produces a whole new and versatile pipe-inspection vehicle called the Helix Crawler. The system is modular, making it suitable for a wider range of interventions than today's rather heavy and specialised conduit vehicles.

Helix Technology AS is in a development phase and in a process to launch the next generation of the Helix Crawler.


Beck Engineering AS is a privately held limited company. Majority owner is Esben Beck. Other owners are both employees, board members and private investors. Persons involved in Beck Engineering AS also hold shares in the company to keep a dedicated and highly competent team.

Standards & Quality


Where applicable in Beck Engineering projects, subsea and offshore projects are subject to requirements described in the NORSOK standard.  If required, projects are also tested and documented in accordance with the CE-standards.



‘When in doubt, you’re not in doubt anymore'. For offshore and inspection purposes material quality is of crucial importance for performance and reliability. Beck Engineering therefore approaches all projects with a sincere focus on strength and endurance in all selected materials. The safety of the people working with our products gets the highest possible priority.


External Resources

The technical challenges varies greatly with each project, hence the engineering requirements and technical knowledge needs varies equally. Beck Engineering has a dynamic and project oriented staffing policy, utilising external engineers and craftspeople in accordance with the demands of each particular project. Our network of engineers expand both locally as well as abroad via a close relationships with engineering management professionals. 

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