Fields of Operation


Beck Engineering provides engineering services and hardware for offshore and subsea clients. Our well qualified and experienced staff assist clients to solve a spectre of subsea challenges. Fields of experience include ROV-tools, inspection vehicles, one-off inspection tools, seismic technology, top-side and deepsea solutions.  




Beck Engineering has the capability and experience of development, engineering and manufacturing of complete inspection or maintenance systems for pipe and cavity interventions. Our engineering staff has broad experience in how to approach an inspection need to identify the most effective technology. The portfolio of projects include complete systems for transducer-based water pipe inspections, crawlers and pigging solutions.


Research & Development

Applying new technology to a problem always involves some degree of research and development. We find the R & D process of engineering so interesting and rewarding that we also consider this a niche in its own. Over the years we have developed thorough skills and in-depth understanding of the engineering requirements of cutting edge R & D projects. Deliverables in this niche include subsea, defence & areospace as well as laboratory and medical projects.





Industrial Automation

Within the segment of industrial automation,  we focus on  clients with high-spec needs but smaller quantity production. In many cases such deliveries derive from R & D assignments or as part of defence & aerospace or subsea projects. Complex subsea projects for instance often require semi-automated deck-handling systems to maintain a lean production process. Likewise defence clients often require semi-automated but very robost processes.

Client References



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