Working with SeaBed's deployment and recovery system for its CASE Abyss seismic nodes has enabled Beck Engineering to utilise its full register of engineering and project competence. The components delivered by Beck Engineering are the ROV-tool and the deployment/recovery baskets.

System Overview

The digital sketch here shows the complete subsea part of the operation. Nodes are lowered onto the seabed from M/V Hugin Explorer, then deployed by the ROV with the ROV-tool. Vica versa, the nodes are collected and put back onto the deepwater basket when the seismic operation is completed.






The array of functionality for the ROV-tool described by our client required us to develop new and more complex functionality compared to standard ROV-manipulators.

The complex and sensitive seismic operation required delicate manoeuvrability. 10 separate movements were needed to enable the ROV-operators to position the CASE Abyss nodes with sufficient accuracy. The tool is also designed to collect and re-position the node onto the deepwater basket.

A skid with a remotely operated buoyancy shift function was designed in order to counterweight the CASE Abyss units when flying subsea to/from the deepwater basket. On the left the ROV-tool is pictured on-board M/V Hugin Explorer, mounted on the work class ROV.

The key function of the ROV-tool is a gripper which, together with a manipulator arm, enables the ROV-pilot to both position and retrieve the CASE Abyss nodes on both flat and sloped areas of seabed.

Engineers Anders Fjellvang (left) and Lars Boyens during the FAT-procedure on the ROV-tool, where all major functions were tested.








Deployment/Recovery Basket
The Deepwater Basket was designed to carry six nodes. Two unites were supplied, allowing for a continous deployement and recovery operation. An onboard gripper was also supplied.

Two Deepwater Baskets are in use when deploying or recovery of CASE Abyss nodes. A view from inside the working area of the M/V Hugin Explorer reveals how the on-board basket is ready for loading as soon as the fully loaded basket is lowered into the sea. 






Here the Deepwater Basket 1 is lowered into the Angolaen Sea during the CASE Abyss system's first commercial assignment. The M/V Hugin Explorer deployed and retrieveved over 500 CASE Abyss baskets during the Angola assignment, which covered two seismic fields.







Control Room 

On the left a grab from the operational video during trials outside Lindesnes in Norway, showing the ROV-tool's point of view when deploying or docking a CASE Abyss node onto one of the slots on the Deepwater Basket. The system is designed for depths up to 3000 meters.







From the ROV-operators' control room onboard M/V Hugin Explorer during the Angola operation.  


Key Projects

DNV Acoustic Pig Project

Beck Engineering AS has participated closely in the joint development project of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Gassco to develop a new acoustic inspection method, which allows the internal and external status of gas pipelines to be accurately characterised. This new technology allows measurements to be made without reducing the gas flow.

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SeaBed ROV-tool and Deepwater Basket

Beck Engineering AS has designed and built a complex ROV-tool and deepwater basket system for SeaBed Geophysical, a subsidiary of SeaBird Exploration. SeaBed enjoyed great commercial success with their system. The seismic sensor unit CASE Abyss was also nominated for best design 2008 by Norwegian Design Council.

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Breivoll Pipe Scanner

Beck Engineering has been the engineering partner of Breivoll Inspection Technologies AS in their development of the Breivoll Pipe Scanner 2 (PS2), a conduit vehicle for inside inspection of water pipes.

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DNV Pressure Test Tank

DNV needed to test the performance of transducers in high pressure environments. Beck Engineering has designed and built the high-spec test tank DNV uses for this R&D project.

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